Twan Zwart Twanofzo

Twanofzo / Twan Zwart (Black)

A professional Internet Marketer.

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Who am I?

I am Twan Zwart, also known as TwanofzoNL and Twan Black, born on December 26th, 1999. I live in the Friesian village called Sint Annaparochie.

I'm a Internet Marketeer, owner of Intensity Records (House record label) and Sway. I also like to earn money online.

You can find me on social media like Facebook and Instagram or forums like Blackhateworld and other websites like

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Smeding Fruits and Vegetables is a service partner in potatoes, fruit and vegetables with national coverage. Both food retail and foodservice is our specialty. As a fresh partner, we deliver to all Sligro establishments within the Dutch borders and supermarkets EMTÉ, spruce and Marqt.
The Bildtse Post is a Dutch regional newspaper that appears every week on Wednesday and is distributed in north-west Friesland. It is an independent weekly newspaper which appears in two forms: ordinary (or extra) version for members and a simplified version for non-members (door to door). The paper is mainly focused on the municipality of Het Bildt area.
Intensity Records is an international EDM label founded in 2015 by label bosses Zachary Matson and Twan Zwart.

Zwart means Black in Dutch which is my surname

Twan Zwart

Education & Jobs

August 2013 - Now
High School - VMBO-T
Campus Middelsee / De Foorakker, The Netherlands
April 2015 - Now
Internet Marketeer
The Internet
July 2015 - Now
Intensity Records
The Internet, The Netherlands and the USA
August 2015 - May 2016
Mail Deliverer
Bildtse Post, Sint Annaparochie, The Netherlands
April 2016 - Now
Order Collector
Smeding Fruit & Vegetables, Sint Annaparochie, The Netherlands



Hobbies & Interests

  • Listening to Music
  • Playing Sports
  • Watching Movies
  • Working at Home
  • Developing Websites
  • Playing videogames in spare time
  • Drinkin' beer :')